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Project outline

Considering issues of sustainability for art in a digital environment Sustainability is not often thought about in relation to art making or exhibiting, for example, I was shocked recently by the large amount of good quality material that was simply … Continue reading

28. May 2012 by pool31
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Destroy and Rebuild

Sustainability in art has always been an issue, even before the digital era. There are numerous cases of ancient art and artefacts which were destroyed either during their times or centuries later – some even deliberately. And till now, the … Continue reading

28. August 2012 by Ola
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A more forgetful Facebook?

The internet never forgets, this has been especially true on social media sites as Facebook where deleted photos and other content (until recently) stayed accessible through direct URL’s. In 2010 The Scottish artist group FOUND created the installation The End … Continue reading

18. August 2012 by Katrine
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Process: Mashup Reincarnate

The basic idea is to take file junk, put it into a blender that outputs everything in its raw binary state, and use that data mashup as the source for something new. Producing the new from the old would be … Continue reading

06. August 2012 by Kiers
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What is sustainable art?

I suppose its important to consider the difference between Sustainable art as a movement, and sustainable art as a trend – one group might only share an ideological goal of making art that doesn’t create friction with the global ecosystem, … Continue reading

23. July 2012 by Kiers
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Cloud options

cloud computing stuff 10 alternatives

09. July 2012 by pool31
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