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Visualising my interpretation

The sketch shows two diagrams each visualising the data being destroyed. Both root from the same source – a webpage which allows multiple-users to upload any file format. These files are either broken down into a ‘wave-form’ of binary which … Continue reading

27. August 2012 by Kiers
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Process: Mashup Reincarnate

The basic idea is to take file junk, put it into a blender that outputs everything in its raw binary state, and use that data mashup as the source for something new. Producing the new from the old would be … Continue reading

06. August 2012 by Kiers
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Group Discussion Summary: 30 July

A succinct summary from todays Skype conversation. Seems like we are getting somewhere as a group. I’ve had to edit it. Hope I havent been one-sided. Please dont hesitate to edit it if you feel the need.  [30/07/2012 15:01:00] Katrine: I … Continue reading

30. July 2012 by Kiers
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What is sustainable art?

I suppose its important to consider the difference between Sustainable art as a movement, and sustainable art as a trend – one group might only share an ideological goal of making art that doesn’t create friction with the global ecosystem, … Continue reading

23. July 2012 by Kiers
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